19 yr old male passed a kidney stone 3 days ago and still pain and a little bleeding?

he is just wondering if he should seek medical attention, he doesn’t have insurance so needs to know if it is serious or not. The stone passed 3 days ago but he still has pain and lite pink blood during urination ?

  1. Moped Mama, 20 May, 2010

    well your son can apply for medical assistance, but normally the dr will order a RX its like a numbing cleansing agent kinda like benadine it cleans the ureters , DRink lots of LEMON water real lemons and water hot or cold turn it into a homemade lemonade this acid drink will prevent kidney stones if they are calcium related so you need to find out what kind he is making medications can make stones and or illness so its important to know avoid dairy and cheese as much as possible ice cream if you like your dairy stay with the lemon water daily its free at the restaurants , my ex hubby has this condition due to illness and medications the lemon water is less caustic on your body compared to the RX for this calcium issue,my ex has a 1 yr clean check up, drinking his 3 cups of hot lemon /sugar water daily
    if hes not ppp clear he should see a urologist or go to the ER, the hospitals have grants available in most cases take motrin or aleve for pain,

  2. sheridansheridansheridan, 20 May, 2010

    will be over soon…keep drinking water ,,save stone..this may happen again..they can look at it and tell what is causing the formation….not always calcium

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