what treatments are available for lung and kidney cancer?

  1. Dr.D.C.Mehta-Jamnagar, 20 May, 2010

    For different type and grade of cancer there will be different modalities of the treatment ! eg.For Lung Lymphoma there is a Injections available called MEBTHERA which proved very good in one of my patient ! (Of course it is very costly !One injection cost Indian Rs.1 lac 20000 and such six injection at three week interval was advised !So in some chemotherapy first and than followed by radio therapy and or surgery ! See there are only three modality (1)Chemotherapy (2)Radiotherapy and (3)Surgery Of course all there is applied but what should be the first is to be decided on seeing the patient ! Always YouRsmE

  2. mevlana, 20 May, 2010

    here are clinical trials for kidney cancer and lung cancer.. hit map to find local trials..don’t forget to turn pages to see all trials…I believe both are sometimes linked to smoking..if you smoke it is best to quit?

    http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search?term=kidney+cancer&submit=Search (kidney cancer clinical trials)
    http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search?term=lung+cancer&submit=Search (lung cancer clinical trials)

  3. oncogenomics, 20 May, 2010

    The main treatments for lung and kidney cancers are the same as most cancers.

    1) surgery (if possible)
    2) chemotherapy
    3) radiation

    Lesser used treatments:
    4) interferon for kidney cancer
    5) RF abalation

    Recently, some targeted anti-angiogenesis therapies have been approved for certain lung and kidney cancer situations. These drugs target proteins produced by the cancer cells that promote growth of new blood supply for the tumors.

    For more information on these treatments, look up:
    Nexxvar and Sutent for kidney cancer
    Iressa and Tarceva for lung cancer

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