Kidney failure in dogs?

My dog has been acting depressed and tired lately. We noticed that it seemed he was not making bowl movements (and perhaps urinating) as often. My parents took him to the vet and they said it could be kidney failure so gave us an IV treatment to give to him for a few days. We have to take him back in a few days (Monday the 30th) to see what is progress is.

My question is, what causes kidney failure, what are the various steps of treatment, and how difficult is it for a dog to recover from it?

When we let our dog outside, he stays in the fenced-in back yard unless we take him for walks so I do not see him getting into anti-freeze as a possibility. The only thing we can think of is lately we bathed him with a so-called "natural" shampoo, different from what we usually bathe him in, and bought different kinds of dog cookies. I doubt those caused it.

What are the chances of a dog recovering from kidney failure? Are there any other diseases my dog may have instead of kidney failure
The Vet said it is the early stages of kidney failure. Does that mean that his chances of recovery are greater?
Yes, it is fluid for under the skin.

  1. babyblueslvt, 19 May, 2010

    Yes, early stages can be treated and prolong his life and slow progression of the disease. Did they run bloodwork to determine it’s kidney failure? If not I’d seek a second opinion. Kidney failure can be very common in dogs over 6 years of age. It can also be caused by the consumption of grapes, raisins, antifreeze and lilies.
    They sent you with an IV, or is it fluids that you give under the skin? Fluids are a very helpful therapy in Kidney Disease. I have treated dogs that have lived anywhere from 6 mo to 2 years. Another thing is to put the dog on a low protein diet, available from your vet.
    Just make sure you are always aware of how you pet is. If he is acting "off" at all, lethargic, vomiting, not eating/drinking, etc, have him checked out quickly. A big role in treatment is having owners that are observant of how their pet is doing. The quicker they are treated if there is a a problem, the better off they will be. Good luck

  2. Mary Grace, 19 May, 2010

    I’m dealing with the same issues as you right now. I can’t answer your questions, but I can send you to the same place several people have sent me: a yahoo group called K9KidneyDiet. It helped a friend of mine keep her rescue happy and healthy a full 18 months longer than she should have.

    Good luck, you’re in our thoughts…

  3. Jo, 19 May, 2010

    Please ask your Vet to run a blood panel if he or she hasn’t already to check for toxins related to contaminants in food or to poisoning. There have continued to be recalls from different companies since the original recalls and kidney failure is a common reaction to contaminants that have been found in food. You can also ask another Vet where you can get dog food tested for contaminants if a common contaminant from the recent recalls shows up, like cyanuric acid, melamine, etc.
    Your Vet is the best one to give a prognosis on what stage of kidney failure your dog is in and what your dogs chances are for recovery. Very sorry to hear about your dog!
    Also, you can check and see if any other dogs in your neighborhood are experiencing similar problems. Sometimes there are people that poison dogs in an area. I hope that’s not the case! Hope your dog recovers.

  4. Wyandotte Hen, 19 May, 2010

    He not getting any grapes or raisins… is he?

  5. shrsandy, 19 May, 2010


    Sorry to hear about your dog.

    I have a website all about Standard Poodles and there is a page about Kidney Disease. Check it out, it might help.

  6. symptoms of dog cancer, 18 June, 2010

    It really hurts me seeing pets suffering from different kinds of illness.
    They are just like humans that needed a cure for their illness.

  7. Michelle, 01 November, 2010

    My moms dog is going through kidney failure. I was wondering if there was a cure for the illness, I cannot believe that with technology that we have that we do not have a cure for our dogs. Why isn’t there one??????

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