Is there a list on what you can eat with a kidney stone problem?

I want to eat healthy, but all the advice I see keeps saying to limit a lot of healthy food like many fruits and vegetables and it’s quite frustrating.I hardly ever see lists saying what food helps prevent them or what doesn’t affect them much unless I’m just not going through google enough.
So if anyone can give advice on what I don’t have to limit then you’ll be more than welcome to share it.

  1. Seagull, 19 May, 2010

    A quick search gave me the following:–tv7852spec.html

    It seems like a comprehensive list of what to avoid. You should consider consulting a nutritionist for a diet plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

  2. spork, 19 May, 2010

    Acidic citrus things can help dissolve the stones, however vitamin C can help them form.
    i would get some lemons every few days and make some really fresh lemonade, might help.

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