I was told I have a kidney stone on my right side. It has been about 2 weeks?

I had pain that was sometimes strong but nothing so horrible. I still get slight pain on my right side but mostly cramping throughout my whole stomach and more pain on my left side and left pelvic area. Could I have passed the stone and not know it? Why am I still getting cramping and backache but not the strong pains as before?

  1. ckm1956, 18 May, 2010

    Stone pain is a strange thing. The pain is worst if the stone completely blocks the flow of urine on one side. If it shifts a little, the obstruction is lessened and the pain lets up a little.

    Drink a LOT of water. Follow up with your doctor. Recent studies show that Flomax (usually a prostate med) helps in passing the stone. I’ve had good luck with it.

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