Help! My Guinea Pigs Urine Is Brown. What Could Be Causing This?

My guinea pig had stones. He passed one & must have passed the other. We changed his diet but he had stopped eating so we went back to what he was used to & that is when he began to gain weight back again. We think he passed the 2nd stone because he stopped crying & is behaving "back to his old self". I have noticed for about 2 wks his paper in his cage look tinted. I called both his vets in our town & in Indianapoli & reported it. The vet office in Indianapolis said it could be blood or he is stressed. Now I have to wait to the end of the day for his urine test to come back & I am so worried! I work in a lab & used some reagent that detects blood in stool just to see if the color would change & it did not so I am hoping it is not blood. Could something be wrong with his kidneys? Please any help would be very appreciated! I am a very worried piggies mommy right now! Thanks!
THANKS! The results came back & he has a bladder infection. He has started on his antibiotic. Thank you for the answers.

  1. Jayson _ flame25dragon, 17 May, 2010

    maybe that pig has UTI

  2. Cyrena ., 17 May, 2010

    the best thing for guinea pigs is vitamin c, you can buy the liquid drops and put them in the piggies water, or you can just get some oranges and keep one in there for them. also it could be stress, have you thought about getting him a friend?

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