Referred Pain From Kidney Stones?

My girlfriend has been in severe pain for about a week and a half. The pain first presented as a headache, upper back and shoulder pain , and a general feeling of fatigue and poor health.
This was accompanied by a severe pain and burning while urinating , and brown urine.Also nausea , vomitting and diarrhea . There was a clear , odorless vaginal discharge for 24 hours or so.
A physician found blood traces in urine, and started her on pyridium and loritab for pain relief associated with kidney stones.
The pain has now localized to her lower right abdomen , and is sharp and stabbing at times.
Tests showed stones in the LEFT kidney, but the pain is localized on the right side.
I’m worried that more than one thiong is going on here… mainly appendicitis. Her physician seems to believe she is malingering for pain pills and is not acting in what I consider a timely fashion… reschelduling treatment for 10 days later.
This could be fatal if appendix ruptures.
So my question is , could pain from left-side kidney stones be referred to the right side? Or is there something else going on here?

Thanks in advance.

  1. krycek08, 17 May, 2010

    Does she have a fever? Did she have bi-lateral stones (stones on both sides)? Was a follow up CT on the left kidney? Did she pass the stone? Are the stones obstructing? Generally, no, you aren’t going to have pain on the right side if you have stones obstructing urine flow on the left. Are they sure there are no stones on the right? Have the urinary symptoms resolved? Does she still have blood in her urine and burning on urination?

    If the pain is truly severe, the worst pain you have ever felt, go back to the ER, period. Talk to a patient advocate, get another doctor in there to take a look. You have to be your own advocate, or if she can’t, you need to do it for her. Doctors need to listen to your concerns, period.

    An obstructed kidney can be fatal, as well.

    Please feel free to email me if you want to talk more.

    P.S. When they thought I might have kidney cancer, it took a month to get the results. Medicine moves slow sometimes.

  2. shazamme, 12 August, 2010

    I’ve been diagnosed first with uti. then severe pain on right side that dr put me on antibiotic for uti after 10 days of treatment the pain got worse stabbing and got worse in heat, dr sent me to er. ct scan showed kidney stone partial blockage they sent me home to pass stone with another antibiotic, anti inflamitory,the pain was severe for 4 weeks it took almost 3 weeks to get infection under control,and the urologist just said 2 or 3 weeks it’ll pass on its own. after 4 weeks the urologist said I must have passed stone because no blood in urine, told him the last 3 days i’ve had severe pain on other side, he wants test at hospital done still have pain on right side and fell sick still waiting for dr to call with when to go get test. dr told me when I pass stone The pain would go away right away. so not sure what is going on now. and every dr visit takes 1-2 weeks for next desicion on next move by dr getting very disappointed by lack of care and just waiting forever. 3 times seeing urologist he wasn’t in room more than 3 min.I didn’t feel a stone passing and still waiting for dr to let me know the next move.the pain on right side is less finally but not gone and felling nausea daily still? so I can say the pain changed on me a couple time from 1 side to the other but no explanation from urologist.

  3. Josh, 16 November, 2010

    Internal pain should be attended right away specially when a kidney is involve. Various test must be conducted before making any move such as surgery because when a person undergone an operation without prior tests, the patient might encounter serious problems.

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