Kidney Infection?

Can anyone tell me the symptoms and treatments of a kidney infection? Thx in advance:)

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  1. berry_nutty_tart, 17 May, 2010

    Signs and symptoms of kidney infection (medically called pyelonephritis):

    – dysuria (painful voiding of urine)
    – abdominal pain (radiating to the back on the affected side)
    – tenderness of the bladder area and the side of the involved kidney ("renal angle tenderness").

    – In many cases there are systemic symptoms in the form of fever, rigors (violent shivering while the temperature rises), headache and vomiting.

    – In severe cases, delirium may be present.

  2. Serialmom12, 17 May, 2010

    blood in urine, back pain, frequency in urination, small amts come out but you feel like you have to keep going.
    Antibiotics are helpful, so is AZO (you can buy it at any drugstore,) and cranberry juice and lots of water help clear up the infection.

  3. rissypooh96, 17 May, 2010

    Some symptoms are….
    – back, side, and groin pain
    – urgent, frequent urination
    – pain of burning during urination
    – fever
    – nausea and vomiting
    – pus and blood in the urine

    A kidney infection is treated with an appropriate antibiotic, and abnormalities may need to be surgically treated.

    Make sure you take care of it right away or it will start getting worse.

    hope this helps!

  4. Kelly B, 17 May, 2010

    Back pain( that’s were your kidneys are)
    frequent painful urination
    blood puss in urine
    feeling the urgency to urinate while only voiding a small amount if any

    Go to the dr take a pee test a kidney infection is a uti that was left untreated and has traveled up to the kidneys…go to the Dr and get an antibiotic…home remades will not help and it will get worse and more painful..

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