Has anyone ever peed out a 12mm kidney stone before?

My dr. Said I have to piss it out, isn’t that a little big!
No it hasn’t been broken up, he said I have to pee it out as it is, I really don’t trust that doctor! And I don’t want to pee it out as 12mm.

  1. Gr8Mom_to_one, 17 May, 2010

    That doctor is clearly a moron. Hon, you simply cannot just pee out a 12mm stone. It is impossible because something that size will get caught in your ureter or bladder. You need to see another doctor for a second opinion. This is not something you should wait on as it can be potentially disastrous to your kidneys and urinary tract. I hope all turns out well for you. Good luck!

  2. US Airborne Ranger, 17 May, 2010

    I highly doubt he meant all at once – you would be in the hospital bleeding profusely right now. Maybe the stone was 12mm before it broke up – that’s still huge.

  3. shilpy@passiveincome, 03 June, 2010

    I recently had a 4 mm calculus in my left ureter. passing it was the most painful thing of my life. I really shudder to think about 12 mm stone.

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