how long until I pass a 2-3mm kidney stone?

Ended up in the ER early Monday morning (today is Wednesday) with a small (2-3mm) kidney stone in my ereter. Doc prescribed some pain meds and said to drink a lot of fluids and that it should pass on it’s own within a week. I’ve been drinking water non-stop. Went to the urologist this morning and they took another x-ray but could not see the stone on the x-ray. urologist said that this was either due to the small size of it or because some stones don’t show up on x-rays but do on CT scans (taken at the ER). still have a "moderate" amount of blood in my urine, although it’s pretty clear with all the water I’m drinking. So my question is: When will I pass this stone??? if you have first-hand knowledge with small stones like this, please let me know. I would appreciate it.

  1. reifguy, 16 May, 2010

    stones below 0.5 cm usually pass with no problems its matter of time .drink lots amount of water and try to hold your urine a little till you feel your bladder is gonna explode ,it will pass dont worry

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