90 yr old aunt refuses medical treatments so what happens with kidney problems and return of breast cancer.?

I have a 90 yr old aunt under our care in assisted living. She is doing well, but doctors tell her that she will eventually have an option to go on dialysis if needed as her kidney function is failing. Breast cancer of 10 yrs ago returned, and she took 3 hormone shots that are once a month. All of a sudden, she just wants to be on meds that she has been on for the last 15 years meaning the blood pressure med and diabetes meds. The new doctors are changing things and she claims she does not feel well and she knows her body. Her body is telling her to stop these new treatments. What will happen if she keeps refusing the new meds and how long does kidney failure take. She is on Phosbo to rid the kidneys of phospherous and is no longer taking the b p med and lasix. She only takes the phosbo and I believe the medication for blood sugar, which is a pill. She is not on insulin. She also does not put in the drops for glaucoma. She self medicates.What is her prognosis and time?

  1. tishkabob2004, 15 May, 2010

    My mom was in her 70’s when she had kidney failure. She did dialysis for like 3 days. She decided she didn’t want to live like that and refused treatment. She was gone with in 3 days.
    My mom had been a fighter for many years, she was a lupus patient and slowly but surely it infected all her organs. She had heart problems had a 5 bi-pass surgery then 15 years later a stroke. Problems with her liver but the kidney failure is the actual cause of death.
    I am not a doctor and dint know your aunt but I do know once they call in Hospice you don’t have much longer. My sister had breast cancer and lived 1 year after Hospice was called. My mom 2 weeks after Hospice was called. and My dad just 3 days once they called in Hospice.
    Stand by your aunts bedside. Feed her ice chips when needed. Help flip her over when she wants to turn and give her permission to die. Tell her you will be ok. I will miss you but we will be ok.

  2. zoya, 15 May, 2010

    Looking to the age ,chronic illness & not taking proper medication the prognosis is poor. Time duration depends upon the level of blood urea & creatinine ,amt. of urine she is passing ,blood sugar levels & liver function test. in long standing diabetes & Ch.kidney conditions so many organ system are involves & this may result in multisystem failure.

  3. Pobept K, 15 May, 2010

    She’s 90 years old, just honor her wishes!!

  4. cabradepeste, 15 May, 2010

    she has lived a full life, she has decided to move on…. when she gets sick again, she just wants to be able to move on to higher ground, she may not be able to tell you that but face it you are 90, can’t do much of anything of your own, your life partner is gone, your kids are gone…. people in assisted living come and go… if she wants to let go it is her choice and you should accept that it seems like she already made up her mind, I hear dialysis is pretty uncomfortable and scary, the idea of cold blood being pumped into your system after it was filtered yikes…. respect her and giver some dignified support by just standing by

  5. nursekuba, 15 May, 2010

    I’d suggest looking into hospice. Prognosis–not sure without seeing her and everything going on with her. But if she wants to give up, she has lived a long life. Hospice is a Medicare benefit and won’t cost her or your family any money. And the nurses and nurse aids will provide extra care. The nurses can manage any symptoms she has.

  6. Sue F, 15 May, 2010

    She is choosing to live the rest of her life in the way that she wants. She may not have a lot of time left, and does not want to feel like a medical experiment the whole time.

    People can live as long as God gives them, and even the best medical treatment can only prolong someones life at her age for a short amount of time.

    Since she is self-medicating, it is difficult to give a more precise answer. The best thing that you and your family can do is spend as much time with your aunt as you possibly can and support her wishes.

    I just went through a similar occurrence with a friends Dad who was in his seventies, fought cancer three times and with the last recurrence decided that he just wanted to die with dignity and without pain.

    It is difficult to deal with a loved one who chooses to take their fate into their own hands, with Gods help; but it is their choice.

    Make sure that you talk to your aunt about how important she is in your life, and how much she has influenced your life; that will make her very happy to hear.

    God bless you and your family and especially your aunt, He will hold all of you in His Loving Arms in the coming time.

  7. pj h, 15 May, 2010

    This lady has made her choices and is fully aware of her condition. Even though her family love her and care about her,It seems to me her wishes should be honored,and quality of life is far better than quanity. I would make the same choices for myself she has made for herself.Respect her wishes!!!

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