Information on Pancreatic, Liver and Kidney Cancer?

My grandmother is dying of Pancreatic Cancer and wishes to know what the implications for her wellbeing will be as the cancer progresses, ie. How much pain, what sort of muscle deterioration, will there be mental deterioration, what areas of her body will she lose function of. There is also some possibilityn of the cancer spreading to her liver or kidneys. She is unwilling to speak to her doctor about this for a variety of reasons so I am hoping to find this information on the internet but I am having difficulty wading through endless articles about how cancer spreads, proper treatments, technical details etc. I really need to be pointed in the direction of articles which deal specifically with the physical implications for the patient of Pancreatic, Liver and Kidney cancer as it reaches its final stages. Thanks

  1. Panda, 15 May, 2010

    I am unsure what you are asking . . if your grandmother has pancreatic cancer than it is pancreatic cancer cells that are invading the liver and kidney . .it’s called metastasis and is considered the same cancer. You would look for information on Pancreatic cancer. But, if you are looking for end of life information for cancer patients, that is a little different. You can read through the following material to see if it is helpful:

    Dying Person’s Guide to Dying

    Medline Plus: End of Life Issues

    Confronting Pancreatic Cancer

    NCI: Pancreatic Cancer

  2. Greenie, 15 May, 2010

    Hi, What a good grandchild you are.
    Cancer affects everyone differently. Stage 4 is the final stage of Cancer. My understanding is it can be quite painful. If it spreads to her liver or kidneys she can expect to be extremely uncomfortable. Being unable to lie on her side, it can affect her breathing, not so much as in her chest w/a cold, but hard to get enough air intake due to the inflamation of the organs. She may have problems with going to the bathroom, which can go either way… hard to go or having to go more often as when as painful urination. Her appetite may likely fade as will her weight. This will cause a lot of weakness and fatigue. Her body may become very frail and her skin may pail due to lack of iron which may cause anaemia.
    God Bless your Gram and you & youur family, spend as much time as you can with her and do what you can to help relieve her pain. And talk to her about her life as a child and ask her to tell you stories, these memories of hers will last throughout your lifetime and may lesson the memories of Cancer. Take Care.

  3. gopalakrishnan s, 15 May, 2010

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