Does "white spots" in ultrasound always indicate kidney stones?

I was wondering because I hear that it can mean anything…. a tumor, kidney stones or just plain gas but I’m not sure. How would a doctor know which it is? I have no bleeding in urine, no fever, no vomiting or naseaous and no loss of appetite. I’ve had history of kidney stones but no symptoms lately except for dark urine which I know what it indicates. Those white spots in ultrasound can mean anything right?
Oh and I had x-ray. No white spots in the x-ray or KUB either.

  1. wild, 14 May, 2010

    White spots in an untrasound indicate "something" is there. What that something is – well, that depends on the size, solidity, and location of the spots.

    We trust the Dr. to know which things mean what, and to make a good decision. That’s what they’re paid for, after all.

    Typically an UltraSound is used to confirm a diagnosis, such as kidneystones, where the issue may not show up on conventional X-Rays.

    Neither X-Ray nor Ultrasound is foolproof.

    There is more info on the webpages below as well. I hope this helps.

    Good luck with it.

  2. charlotte, 18 September, 2010

    I had pee with stone when I was 19. Now I am 28 and still did not get the chance to go see a doctor coz I am afraid to hear that I am dying or what. I am just avoiding foods rich in salt and preservatives but can’t motivate myself to drink much water. Thank you for the post..I know this could be a help on me.

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