My father 69yrs has a cortical cyst of 20mm size on the upper pole of the right kidney. left kidney,liver norm?

uretras not dilated in Scan. What treatment we should do normally

  1. abijann, 14 May, 2010

    There is no treatment that I know of to handle
    this. The doctor would probably continue
    to take ultrasounds or CT scan to see if
    the cyst is still enlarging. They would take
    note if it is fluid filled or a complex cyst and
    decide if it needs to be drained or removed.

    They will continue to test his blood to see
    how the kidney is functioning: this is the
    Creatinine level, the Bun (Blood Urea
    Nitrogen) level and possibly the Glomerus
    filtration rate (GFR). They will also test
    to urine to see if there is blood/ protein in it.

    I hope this is of some help to you.
    Older people do tend to develop kidney
    cysts…they are common

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