I just got out of the ER and I have a 8mm kidney stone ALmos tin my bladder. Do you think ill pass it?

Ive had some in the past, but its so close to my bldder im worndering if it will pass on its own. I went into the ER with deathly pain, now im out and feel fine. Not sure whats going on.

  1. Mistoday, 14 May, 2010

    If you would like to get rid of it, this may work for some stones:

    In Herbs of the Earth by Mary Carse, she lists under stones and gravel in the urinary system pertaining to kidneys and the bladder, that these are rare where apple cider or vinegar are a staple of the diet. (Note that this reference does not state whether the vinegar needs to be apple cider vinegar, but the brands in the health food aisle are organic and retain much better nutrients than the processed brands.)

    The woman I work for now, says her daughter passed a kidney stone while pregnant (identified by a doctor) within 20 minutes of taking apple cider vinegar. The Braggs brand found in the health food aisle suggests to take 2 teaspoons in water with honey 3 times daily and there is another organic brand called Spectrum.

    The Braggs in their book on apple cider vinegar suggest most apple cider vinegar is over processed which loses many nutrients. So the organic one again is highly recommended if you choose to try this.

    In Apple Cider Vinegar Health System by the Braggs 1985 or 34th printing, it states on p 21:

    A large number of kidney stones are of the type that can be dissolved with cider vinegar.

    Use cider vinegar freely on salads consisting of cabbage, carrots, celery, beet root, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, cucumbers. Eat prunes, raisins, apples, at the same meal with the cider vinegar on the salad.


    Note that neither citation above guarantees that this will work for you, but it may.


  2. Jenn O, 14 May, 2010

    I am curious to what your symptoms are or were? I am experiencing a lot of pain and am wondering if it could be a kidney stone too? Could you take a look at my question? I just posted it, I am not sure how to put the link on here.

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