Natural treatments and best diet for kidney failure in dogs?

My GSD,Lulu,is 8 years old and the picture of health.She eats Merrick,Eagle Pack Holistic and several other premium foods. For the last several days,she has been urinating more frequently and has had two accidents in the house during the night.I took a urine sample to the vet today and her specific gravity was very low.The vet suspects kidney failure and Lulu is going in for bloodwork next week.She is otherwise acting fine – eating, active, good weight,etc. I have had dogs with renal failure before,and most of them were in their teens when diagnosed and did not last long. I did have a mixed breed called Lilac who was diagnosed at age 9 and lived to be 13,which is what I am hoping for Lulu.I really do not think I can bear to lose her right now. Lilac,( the mixed breeed) ate Hill’s KD and Cycle Senior ( this was back in the late ’80’s) and did well on them. I have been looking online for alternative treatments and diets and wonder if those of you who have had experience with canine renal failure can recommend any herbal/dietary treatments to help my dog should she have renal failure.Is there a dog food or homemade diet that you have had good results with? I am open to trying anything,because Lulu is so very special to me,she is just such a great dog and is so loyal and sweet;she is my shadow. Any advice will be appreciated and if you would star the question so that others who have had or do have dogs with renal failure can see it,I would appreciate it.Thanks in advance.

  1. petcompanion, 13 May, 2010

    I’d suggest that you give your dog a natural supplement called Tripsy. It contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts proven to:

    Promote healthy kidney functioning
    Fight kidney infections
    Improve urinary flow
    Reduce the pain and discomfort of kidney stones

    Tripsy is high effective, yet is totally natural and 100% safe for long-term use.
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  2. Spots * B4myeyes, 13 May, 2010

    your vet can prescribe a food. if your dog’s urine is acidic or alkaline, etc. a different/specific type of food will be needed.

  3. rags2lace, 13 May, 2010

    I don’t know what all you know or all your doing, but here is a site I found, maybe it can help you! And i’m so sorry about your furbaby! Hoping the best for her!!!

  4. eshires01, 13 May, 2010

    Perhaps this will be of some help to you. I have a female Terv who suffered UTI’s after being spayed and they kept giving her hormone shots to correct the situation. She had sandy urine and the Vet said that the ph balance was off. I asked what I could do holistically or dietarily to help the situation and the Vet suggested increasing her Vitamin C level with whatever she would readily scarf up. She did not care for cranberry juice; however, she like V-8 quite well and I gave her 8 oz. of V-8 every day. This helped her urinary tract immensely and hopefully it will be helpful to you.

  5. bhupi@raw food diet, 17 May, 2010

    Best diet is the proper key for maintaining your health. For removing your Kidney stones, you should take much more water also cold beer.

  6. Dr. Christopher’s Products, 02 July, 2010

    Reducing the intake of protein can cause malnutrition in dogs.
    Another common diet for dogs with kidney disease is one that is low in phosphorous.

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