If you ever had kidney stones and lithotripsy, what was it like?

Uggghhhh I just found out I have 13 kidney stones!! 7 in the left 6 in the right!

One of the stones is 9mm x 6mm. I’m going to have to have lithotripsy and I was wondering what it’s like?
oh BTW I’m only 22 and I’m a girl if that matters. This sucks!

  1. GI, 13 May, 2010

    I have had 4 lithotripsy and its really not bad at all. The only discomfort is the stint that is put in, it will remain in for about 2 weeks to allow the fragments to pass and is VERY uncomfortable. Other than that it’s a piece of cake. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions..good luck. BTW.. I’m a girl 2

  2. Eylin F, 13 May, 2010

    Oh my… it’s very painful! if you don’t remove them asap. The surgery is actually quick and painless in my aunt’s case! But don’t worry, hopefully you will be recovering soon and there is treatment for it. Once you treat it, you will be fine that’s what matters most. Make sure you rest afterwards sweetie. my best wishes go out to you! please take care. and I hope it all goes well !

  3. Kristy, 13 May, 2010

    I went to a Dallas Mavericks game the night of my lithotripsy. I went to sleep, then woke up. I had a 13mm kidney stone. But afterwords, 2-3 days, I then had to pass a 5mm, 3mm, and a 3mm. That was painful. Good luck and don’t worry.

  4. "DWWC", 13 May, 2010

    I am a man and I’ve had them. The only way I know how to put this is they hurt like a bitch. 13! good luck. I’ve also heard it was like 10 times worse than giving birth when women have them. sorry

  5. fer, 17 July, 2010

    I\’m in the hospital right now waiting for the urialogist I\’m aguy and I\’m so scared I have a 2mm on the left and 3mm on the right I was wodering if they do any sugery for this if I haven\’t pee\’d them out in two days? By the way I had the pain a week before but came to the ER 3 times the 3rd time they said I will stay.

  6. Dyan, 09 January, 2011

    I had Lithotripsy over two weeks ago after going to emergency room, having a catscan finding an 8.3 mm kidney stone. 4 days in the hospital and after lithotripsy after coming home, strained urine for two weeks. Stent in uretha was not bad until a little pain the last two days before taking it out. Blood to begin with after lipthotripsy and chunks of blood dubree, like little pieces of skin, but dust from stone is more in the beginning and less blood as you drink 3 liters a day of water. You will see a little blood tinge until stent is taken out, even drinking like that. Last two days I saw none. After stent removal…outpatient with iv and put to sleep, it wasn’t bad. Bad Iv insertion was worst part. Since home second day I passed a pretty large stone fragment. The first and none since. I still have some discomfort and hurt at night and in the morning in my back. Beleiving this will leave, and the infection is gone. It had my left kidney swollen. Praying if any more stone fragments are present they will pass. Hope this helps. I am 2 1/2 Wks. out from Lipotripsy procedure….2 days out from stent removal.
    .-= Dyan´s last blog ..Any kidney stone vets out there with advice =-.

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