Diet for K9 with Kidney Disease?

My poor dog that I’ve had since I was 19 (Im currently 31) has failing kidneys. The Vet said that if she were a person she would be on dialasis. Anyhow, she is currently getting liquid treatment under her skin every day and her she is still eating, but not nearly what she used to. I have been giving her people food as she has been staying away from regular canned dog food (which she used to love). Now I give her some canned salmon, rice, carrots, sometimes a scrambelled egg or two. But what she REALLY LOVES is canned vienna sausages and hot dogs. I have been giving her alot of these just so she will take in more calories. I would put her down, alothough it breaks my heart except she is still pretty playful and happy…although not as much as she use to be. My question is what do you think about giving her hot dogs and such as primary meals?

  1. sauceygirl74, 12 May, 2010

    There is a great yahoo group for dogs with kidney failure. The members there have a lot of great advice and tricks to keep your dog with you as long as possible. Please join and seek their advice.

  2. Big red, 12 May, 2010

    Human foods like that are often very fatty which are bad for kidney disease. If you are going to feed her things like that get the diet, low fat and low salt kinds. There is also a multivitamin for kids available at most pharmacies, specifically for fussy eaters to help boost the appetite(Incremin). Its in a liquid form so its easy to give on their food. It will help make sure she is getting all she needs. Most people will be horrified that you are giving your dog these foods, but it cant really hurt her anymore than she already is. Make her happy, make her comfortable and love her in as many ways as you can in the time you have remaining.

  3. leslie o, 12 May, 2010

    Please do not give your dog hot dogs or Vienna sausages. These are full of sodium and that is the worst enemy of anything/anyone with kidney disease. Look into some type of science diet dog food – your vet should have a recommendation. Any cheap dog food also has a lot of preservatives that are not good for you ailing pet either.

  4. katie d, 12 May, 2010

    If you care about your dog you know she or he can only be fed a diet that will help his kidneys (no hotdogs) they will help him die if that is what you are after. ask your vet what food is the correct one and you can get it in canned or dry.Feed her only these foods or she will die sooner.

  5. animalsrme, 12 May, 2010

    Ask your vet if he sells the Hills K/D Diet in both cans and dry-most kidney dogs really do like it, or does he sell a comparable Eukanuba or Purina Perscription product. These products are formulated to be easier on the kidneys than regular dog food or people food. Good Luck to you and your pup.

  6. SEESEE1, 15 May, 2011

    I believe that you love your dog. Can you have your dog seen by a vet? As you know this is a terminal progressive disease. My dog also has kidney disease and likes a food specifically made for dogs with this disease: it is the canned Royal Canine “LP” which unfortunately requires a prescription but it is sold at Petsmart. Sausages are likely not at all good for your dog so I would keep looking for something else he/she will eat such as lean ground beef cooked and try garlic or something with it to make it more attractive. Eggs are good for kidney disease if your dog has low albumin but the best part of the egg for our dogs is the EGG WHITE. There are plenty of treats you can entice your dog with to get him to eat foods like LP, which my dogs loves! Here are some snacks that are not too bad for kidney dogs because they have little phospherous, protein or salt: plain animal crackers (no frosting); plain vanilla waffers ; make french toast with white bread and egg whites with a little brown sugar on top; at these forums there are others with receipes and more ideas. There are variations of this disease along with underlying additional diseases that vary the needs of each particular dog. For instance mine has high protein in her urine which indicates glomerlunephritis. Lyme disease is sometimes a cause of kidney disease as is diabetes.

    Low protein and low salt and very low phospherous are essential for our dogs. You can read up on what foods do and do not contain these at places like (hope that is right; just Google for a similar site).

    Also your dog may geatly benefit from an ACE-inhibitor drug such as benazaprine and a phosphorous binder that helps reduce the absorption of phospherous. One of the best binders is called aluminum hydroxide powder gel that anyone can buy from Their prices on kidney-related aids is reasonable. They offer advice to caretakers with pets facing kidney disease. All the above were very effective in improving my dog’s kidney numbers in her blood tests.

    A CBC or complete count blood test will help you and your vet evaluate where your dog is at. Also a urine test and a urine test with a sensitivity culture will tell you if your dog has an infection(s) which is common with kidney dogs. Treating any infection should lower your dog’s numbers High blood pressuer is common for our dogs so a blood pressure test is appropriate. Also they get acid stomachs from the disease so 1/4 tablet of baby aspirin (81 mil) works for a large dog like mine who is 60 pounds and you’d want to give less for a smaller dog. This will reduce their chance of getting blood clots which kidney dogs can get.

    I have learned alot from communicating with others on kidney disease forums for humans and dogs on the internet and so can you. Although you cannot ignore your dog’s test numbers, his behavior and energy level are important too in evaluating his life expectancy, his quality of life and if he is suffering and it sounds like yours may not be yet. Hope you can get the info you need. Good luck!!

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