does someone w/aids can survive a kidney infection?

my brother has aids, he didnt take any treatment for a year and he was just diagnose with kidney infection and a severe anemia. do you know anyone who has survive something like this?

  1. Ding-Ding, 12 May, 2010

    There are ongoing studies of HIV patients and kidney failure/infections. It seems that is is relatively common for HIV sufferers to have or develop kidney problems. Here is a site addressing clinical trials for the HIV Kidney problem:;jsessionid=C15E17A6FEB6B98580400901040B1856?order=8

    Here is another related article from the Mayo Clinic. It basically is about Kidney infections, but there is some comment on how HIV can affect the kidney.

    The prognosis isn’t bad, but it is not exactly good either. It depends on your brother’s state of mind and how hard he is willing to work for his own cure for the kidney infection. There are some fine doctors out there. I would say that not being treated for a year is not the best choice he could have made. Sounds like he may also be depressed.

  2. TweetyBird, 12 May, 2010

    I know of no one who has been in this specific situation. His prognosis will depend on how aggressively he wants the kidney infection treated, his HIV condition managed, his overall health as well as what his insurance company will be willing to pay out for someone with AIDS. This is not the best case scenario and an insurance company isn’t going to want to pour thousands of dollars into someone with an incurable illness.

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