15 yr old son has kidney stones and I need details and advice.?

As of Thursday when my 15 year old son was urinating blood and in severe pain I took him to the doctors. They ran blood tests, urine tests, an x ray of his chest and pelvis, and did the not fun swab stick. It turns out that he has definitly a UTI and a small kidney stone that did not show up on the x-ray. He was put on a bladder analgesic, Tylonal 3, and antibiotics. Have any your men or teens ever had to through this? How long did it take for the stone to pass? How long did you urinate blood? Did the pain go away right after the kidney stone was passed or did it still last a while? What should he expect during the urination that passes the stone? I know alot of pain, but will he pass out, will he be screaming, or will it be bearable? What was your experiance like using the above questions.

I know these are personal ?’s, and your answers will help my son and I know what to expect from someone that has gone through the same thing that is around his age up to age 25. Thanks!

  1. Matastic, 12 May, 2010

    kidney stones do hurt alot !
    When I was your sons age I had the same problem.The doctors made me drink LOTS of water to pass the stone.They zapped me with some lazer like thing to break the stones apart.
    I had to pee in a filter thingy so the doctor could examine the stones when they passed.
    Best of luck to your son !

  2. xjaz1, 12 May, 2010

    I had stones for years.. I cut out cola’s, caffeine, cut back on chocolate and tea.. Started drinking more water.. When you get stones.. try squeezing lemons into a glass, add a little water and drink it quickly.. try it every hr. or so..
    For pain., Toradol(not sure about spelling) is great. I had stones for over 20 years.. No longer have them. Good luck.. the pain was incredible.. ps. the lemon juice worked for me.. I can’t figure out why..

  3. Blake P., 02 January, 2011

    Well i feel sorry for your son i am 15 and a male to it was pretty bad for me.My family has a history of Bad Kidney’s….

  4. Joey H., 13 May, 2011

    I HAVE kidney stones and i am fourteen. I have had them before and my urologist told me i need to go to surgery, where they put a tiny laser in my kydneys and zapped them so they could break up and make it easier for them to pass

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