What does the doctor normally do for you if you have a kidney stone? what procedure is done these days?

How can you get it ‘to pass’, and do they cause UTI ?

  1. Aiden, 11 May, 2010

    Briefly, when one is diagnosed (e.g. by computed tomography aka CT scan), the pain and the spasm are treated (stones cause spasm in the ureters causing, exacerbating the problem of blockage).

    An i.v. is started, ketorolac (Toradol) or another anti-inflammatory drug is given for the spasm and morphine for pain relief (kidney stones hurt! Then … you wait till it passes. Urinating through a strainer lets you know when you’ve passed one (but the stones need not be saved or analyzed).

    Larger stones require nephrolithotripsy (ultrasound to smash them up) which requires a trip to the OR).

  2. Fancy That, 11 May, 2010

    A doctor that specializes in Rhenal issues (a urologist???). My husbands monster of a kidney stone went undetected for years by his GP.

    You may 1. be flooded with water to help you pass the stone,
    2. be put into the untrasonic bath to break it up (not real pleasant) or 3. undergo sugery.

    I’m sure there are other treatments emerging all the time, but those are the big 3.

    And Yes, I believe it Can cause a UTI

  3. drankurbhardwaj, 11 May, 2010

    depends on so many factors like size of the stone, its location, any back pressure changes , its effect on kidney function etc. uncomplicated stones suitably placed will exit with urine otherwise a lithotripsy procedure or a surgical procedure may be opted for. they are often associated with UTI due to urinary stasis.

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