Is there anything i can eat or drink that helps prevent kidney stones?

they are a mixture of uric acid and calcium something.
i dont drink pop at all! water is my main drink. and i also drink plenty of cranberry juice. im a pretty healthy eater. but ive had 3 stones in 2 years. well 6 stones, on 3 different occasions

  1. Brandi B, 09 May, 2010

    It isn’t so much what you can drink to help it is what you shouldn’t drink. If they are made of calcium you should limit your calcium intake. Also, don’t drink lots of tea or milk and decrease amount of sodas. You should also increase the amount of fluids you drink and cranberry juice helps keep the kidneys flushed out.

  2. johnnybelinda, 09 May, 2010

    I know grape juice is good for the kidneys, i’m not sure about kidney stones….

  3. scottie, 09 May, 2010

    Lots of fruit and vegetables for vitamin C:-)

  4. gtfordman, 09 May, 2010

    kidneys filter the blood so just plain water will be fine

  5. chugwaterchili, 09 May, 2010

    water, water, and more water and no more pop!

  6. poldaroi21, 09 May, 2010

    Hi there, well to answer ur question, the best thing of all to do is to drink alot of cranberry juice, my grandfather was diganosed with kidney stones trying to develop and the doctor told him to drink plenty of cranberry juice and it will flush out the kidneys and clean the bladder so no stones will produce ,he did and it all came out very good. so i recommned u drink alot of cranberry juice. id say bout 5 or 6 cups a day like he did.

  7. aena, 09 May, 2010

    hi. for kidney salts to stop them from forming into stones you need to take in lots of water so they wont just sit there then attached to each other to form small stones. Since there are some kidney stones which are of calcium base you may regulate your calcium source instead. Since cranberry juice is very good to kidney infection, i suggest you add this juice to your intake to hamper also possible infection that can go with kidney stones. so water, cranberry, and vitamin c’s are important to combat this.

  8. Daryl T, 09 May, 2010

    Water,Water, Water.It filters the kidneys. Try to avoid heavy intake of milk products. Have had two attacks this year so you have my sympathies.

  9. maran, 09 May, 2010

    Brown some grams. Then bray them. Use this powder the same way you prepair coffee. Drink 2-3 cups every day. This is the best solution. Friend of mine tried it and he avoided the surgery.

    Along with this in the meantime you need to drink a lot of water.

  10. Christopher E, 09 May, 2010

    Kidney stones form when certain substances, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate, uric acid or cystine become so concentrated in the urine that they form as hard lumps and can’t pass through the tract.
    You can control this with your diet. If your diet is low in phosphates or protein or you eat foods that are high in substances known as oxalate’s
    Foods that are high in oxalate’s are coffee, black tea, rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, lamb’s quarters and purslane. Herbal formulas with rhubarb or sheep sorrel may contain more oxalate’s than would be of benefit.
    Doctors don’t treat Kidney stones they just give you painkillers to help you pass the stones with less pain. until surgery is required,
    The best way to prevent this happening is to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. That keeps the urine too dilute for stones to form. A vegetarian diet also helps because it is high in magnesium, also taking magnesium supplements will help.
    To prevent Gallstones, eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet meaning vegetarian or close to it,.( cut back on red meats and drink less coffee and black tea)
    But if you have already stones in the kidney Couch-grass is a good help you can buy in capsule form or as herbal tea, drink up to 4 cups of this tea a day.
    Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is another it help increase the output of the urinary tract but use only with an holistic practitioners advice.
    I use aloe-Vera with cranberry juice when I feel I have any problems in the urine tract , since cranberry helps clean the tract and helps with and infection along with aloe-Vera which always helps.
    also I always use Garlic that is a great healer and helps kill off any infection use in it’s pure natural form if you can. If not there are great capsules which are orderless

  11. mayuri, 09 May, 2010

    I had kidney stones & I drank lots N lots of water and it’s gone.

    So drink ‘loads’ of water and avoid Tomato.

  12. k cup coffee, 26 November, 2010

    Kidney stones can really hurt you! I think drink purified water is best to prevant getting kidney stones!
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