kidney transplant for a non us citizen?

I was diagnosed with kidney failure like about a year ago,I’ve been under steroids and some other drug treatments since then.My dad and my two sisters are willing to donate one of their kidneys to me but for me that’s not possible cause the doctor told me kidney transplant cannot be done a illegal alien.The only way I can get a transplant its by having the money that costs to get the operation, which for me it’s a lot! My question is why exactly I cannot get a transplant for being illegal in this country?

  1. Lisa A, 09 May, 2010

    The doctor already told you why you can’t have a transplant. It’s because you can’t pay for it. It is a very serious operation involving many surgeons, doctors, follow up, drugs, etc. It costs several hundred thousand dollars.

    Very few people have the money to pay for something like this. Do you? If you do, I’m sure you can find a surgeon. You won’t be denied medical care for being illegal.

    Those who get transplants usually have them paid for by medical insurance, that they worked to pay for and contributed to over many years. You can’t just show up without insurance, having never made a contribution to anything, and order me, or anyone else, to pay for your transplant.

  2. essentiallysolo, 09 May, 2010

    because there are many thousands that are LEGAL citizens on waiting lists for transplants. Go back to your own country and get your transplant done.

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