Please only respond to this if you have had or know about kidney stones?

In the last 3 years i have had 5 different times were ihave gotten kidney stones. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I was having flank pain. And immediately I knew that I had a kidney stone. But I figured i would give it time to pass because i have been through all of this before. This past Thursday I was in such unbearable pain at work so I decided to go to the ER after work. There results from test they did were 1 tiny stone in the upper right kidney, a kidney infection, and a urinary tract infection. They told me however that it should not be causing me pain because the kidney stone is still in the top of my kidney and not in my ureter yet. So they sent me on my way with vicodin and NO antibioltics. I go to work on Friday still in terrible pain, but made it through my day. Saturday (today) I wake up and immediately vomit because of all of the pain. I was actually crying this time. I get some vicodin in me and it didn’t help. The pain was to much. So before I call out of work I called a different ER. and asked them that if I come in today if they would have a urologist on hand (because the other ER that I went to had no Urologist within 40 miles of them) before I waste my time driving up there. They said yes. So i get up there and they ask what medicines im on and i tell them vicodin and a couple other medicines I take for anxiety. I get into the ER. room and they do the blood test again and get my cat scan from the previous ER doctor and do a urine test, and hook me up with iv fluids. The nurse comes in and also states that he is giving me an Iv injection of pian medicine. There I wait for the pain to go away. I felt no different from before. A little while later the doctor comes in with an attitude and tells me that he is releasing me. I said ok well what did you find out. He tells me that i have several kidney stones in my upper right kidney and i should be feeling NO pain. And asked if I had an addiction to Vicodin. I chuckled and so No I just got the vicodin on thursday. He said well there is alot of people that hop from ER to ER. I said OK and??? He said maybe you pulled a muscle. I said no I have had many kidney stones before and you just stated to me that I have several so why are you going to insinuate that I have a pulled muscle? No response. Then he asked why didn’t you go see you primary care doctor. I responded with I tried but she is on vacation until the 12 of the month and they have no openings. And I can’t get in to see a urologist until August 20th. He then said well where does it hurt. I told him my flank area on the right side and right under my right rib cage. He said lay down and let me feel your stomach because that is where your gallbladder is located. I layed down and he said well it seems to be fine. But you can come in on moday and get a gallbladder ultrasound and see if you have gall stones. But I’m going to release you. My mother sitting right beside me said well what do you expect her to do about the pain. He said I can give her a non-addictive pain pill. Is that all in a rude voice? I said no I need a doctors note until monday to try and get into the doctor. He said okay and walked out of the room. I was so embarrased and felt so put down by the fact of him insinuating that I had a pill problem and I was ER hopping. I’m pist. So after this long story here is my questions. If you have several kidney stones in your upper right kidney does it hurt? and has anyone had the run around like this? Just give me some comments please. Im ticked. But at the same time I need to figure out what to do.

  1. old man, 09 May, 2010

    i understand u being pist, i would b 2. when i had them the pain was in my back mostly, it would come and go and b very intense at times. if u r having them a lot may i suggest u start drinking more water, lemonade, apple or cranberry juice and less dark colored drinks like tea, coffee, and coke. hope u feel better. good luck

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