what doctor takes care of thebowels and kidney stones&urethra?

becasue i can smelling the bowels and the kidney stones i can feel them and the ogyn doctor notice that the urethra fallen it as cause me to be very sick and have fever and can not urinate but maybe four times a day.when drink something that it goes up my back.the bowels .I can smell them and blood and all of this is on my right side.so i am going to the urology on monday.I want her to put me in the hospital right away.do you think should tell her this because this kidney stones are making me very sick.and i have been sick for 4 years and been to 13 doctors and change from one city and found 4 doctors that found more then the other doctors did in my town. been to pct,gastro,urology,ogyn that did emermergeny surgery in may on me a hysterecomy were a another doctor did a dc and i did not have no more periods after she did that.Ifeel like i, will die before my next birthday that will be in dec19 of this year.am wrong to feel like this right now.

  1. ashleyligon1967, 08 May, 2010

    colorectal doctor

  2. Holly M, 08 May, 2010

    Urologist takes care of the urinary system and a Proctologist takes care of the bowels.

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