Been getting a little pain near my Lung?

This is a 22 years old male talking.

I have been getting little pain near my lung area. It not the kidney stone because I check with my mother. I don’t know if it the muscle or something clog in my blood stream. I took asperin last night for my headache but it didn’t remove the pain. I could try that again if it improve. The pain is between the 3 -5 on the scale of 10. Usually it get to 5 but it seem to drop down to 3-4. I was ask by my mother if I want to go to hospital. My main concern is going to hospital while being uninsured. She have some kind of plan but I don’t know.

My diet is little awkward. It not fast food everyday but it pretty much on the budget since I am on short income. I eat cereal and macroni and cheese.

I stay up to work on something and go to bed late this week. My activity is only the computer. I don’t know why but other guy my ages are working second shift on medium labour. Why me?

Any doctor or nurse want to take a break to answer someone question?
I am average far as the ratio of height to weight.
I don’t eat fast food everyday (it not like I have money to pay for those things everyday) and I don’t smoke.

  1. Chan A, 07 May, 2010

    You must visit doctor ASAP.

  2. xxangel1246xx, 07 May, 2010

    Pain in your lungs has nothing to do with eating fast food, or eating unhealthily other than it may make your immune system a little lower.
    If you are having pain in your lung it could be one of many things that can’t be ruled out unless you see a doctor. You can go to the hospital ER because they have to see you with or without insurance. It’s the law, and they also can’t force money from you either. So it is perfectly legal for you to go down there and ask for treatment.
    It could just be that you are getting a cold or bronchitis. Your lung could have some fluid in it (mucous). You can try an over the counter decongestant and see if that helps you. You could ask a pharmacist about which one is the best if you are unsure. If that doesn’t work though, head down to the ER because whatever it is needs to be taken care especially if it is bronchitis. If left untreated it can turn into pneumonia or a type of pneumonia (happened to me).

  3. musicman47, 07 May, 2010

    The diet you may be eating is not agreeing with your body! Try eating less fatty foods, and eat less fried things like french fries from Mcdonalds for instance! Do you smoke too? That may be the a reason for the pain you are feeling also? Get to a clinic somewhere and have it checked out! In the meanwhile, go to for imformation.

  4. hollowichigobankai, 07 May, 2010

    its probably your diet try and eat healthier and if that doesn’t work try to see a local doctor

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