How much is too much protein, causing kidney stone?

I work out/run 5 times a week. I keep my nutrition right and have 6 meals a day. I’m 5’9, 184lbs. Im starting a new 12 week bodybuilding program. From all the protein shakes, excluding food, I consume about 80grams of protein. Is that too much?

  1. health guide, 07 May, 2010

    Kidney stones (80% of the time) are made from calcium oxalate, which abounds in whey protein. This does not mean you will get a kidney stone from eating whey protein. You only have to worry about it if your body does not make the enzymes necessary to break down calcium oxalate. And if your body doesn’t make the necessary enzymes you would be getting stones already and would be aware of your limitation.

    So you are OK @ 80 grams of protein. now if your protein is from other than dairy… you wont have any of the calcium oxalate to worry about. Make sure you use a diversity of protein foods to get your requirement.

    I use about 1 gram of protein per pound, so in your case I would be using about 184 grams per day of protein… about 50 grams from whey protein and the rest from whole foods

  2. Person76, 07 May, 2010

    That may just be too much. There’s no need for protein shakes. That’s too much protein, and too much protein is not good. Only get your protein from actual food. Eat lean meats, certain vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

    Eat lean meats, and vegetables at meals. Eat nuts and whole grains for snacks. When your muscles are trying to heal, they want REAL protein, not that synthesized stuff. If you must have shakes, don’t have too many. One at two or three meals, followed by a glass of water is good.

  3. ShutupAndLift, 07 May, 2010

    kidney stone?????!
    you should be taking about 1.5xyour body weight
    (276 gr of protein)
    and not just from your shake
    you can also get it from food
    good luck

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