How long has a cat had declining kidney function say 50% or more before the vet detects 75% dysfunction?

My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I had to maek the decision to pill him with methimazole or go ahead with I131 radioactive Iodine which is a cure however there are risks with both procedures. The risk with the I131 is your cat could go into acute renal failure if it has preexisting renal failure prior to the I131 injection-AND SOEMTIMES AFTER TREATMENT OF I131 THE KIDNEY FAILURE IS FOUND THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY HIDDEN. DO YOU THINK MY CAT HAD KIDNEY FAILURE PRIOR TO BEING DIAGNOSED WITH HYPERTHYOIDISM AND IT WAS BEING MASKED OR HIDDEN?

my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in Nov 06. My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease & 75% kidney loss in Nov 07. I decided to pill him with medication to control but not cure his hyperthyroidism out of fear that if I had the I131 he would go into acute renal failure. There was no evidence suggesting that but I wanted to play it safe but having not gotten the cure may have caused him to die 2 years later instead of a cure of his hyperthroidism. Should i have gotten the I131 when he was first diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or do you think i made the right decision to pill him by allowing extra bllod flow to the kidneys which helps kidney function. But i feel really really guilty like i didnt make the right decison and have been cryign for 1 month straight. My cat dies 2 years later after being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism on 12/29/08, and I balme myself becuse I think if i had gone ahead with the I131 he would still be here. The doctors dont know why he died. they just say he was severly dehyrdated, lethragic, anemic. I dont know if the hyperhtroidim killed him or kidney failure. I Ijust blame myself either way and will never forgive myself. I will never own another cat becuse I am not worthy or deserving of a cat. My cat was 16 1/2 when he died. I was giving him subq fluids under the skin for his dehydration and wellness can food 2 cans daily with hyperthyroid medicine. I hate myself!
I am an awful awful person. if my cat had another mom instead of me he probabaly would have lived longer. Im th eone who should be dead nt him. if i could die 4 him and he live I would do it becuse my life is meaningless & empty without him.

  1. mtwaites, 07 May, 2010

    Don’t hate yourself, you did the best job that you could at making sure that he was able to keep alive for as long as he did. 16 1/2 years for a cat is pretty good, the average of cats are usually about 12-13 years old, so this is pretty good for the age. It could have been the complications of the thyroid problem, or it could have been the issue with the kidneys, or it could have been a little bit of both problems which are highly possible too. I know that it is sad, but you did the best thing that you could for your cat, and again as I mentioned, you were able to keep the cat a live for sometime.

  2. RealMe, 07 May, 2010

    Sounds like you did everything you knew to do for your cat. He lived to be very very old and renal failure is a common cause of death in old cats. You sure are hard on yourself. We all die eventually of something no matter how much we try to prevent it. He lived a long, long life with someone who really cared about him and you did everything you knew to do to make his quality of life really nice. You are the kind of person that should own more animals because they deserve to have someone care about them as much as you do.

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