Cause of a Dilated Kidney? 20 weeks pregnant?

im 20 weeks pregnant and i went for my ultrasound on thursday the sonographer NOT the doctor told me i had a dilated Kidney and the doctor will have to keep an eye on it that’s all she said. i don’t see my doctor until tuesday but was wondering what the cause of a dilated kidney was? someone also told me that the sonographer shouldn’t have told me anything until i seen my doctor. the understanding that i have is that a dilated kidney is when something could be blocking the urinal tube that carries urine from the kinder to the bladder and some people have to get stints put in but im pregnant so what could be the cause and what treatment can i have? i have bad pain usually after i have a drink and just before i go to the toilet i have been trying to go to the toilet before i get this pain so im not putting stress on my kidney. if anyone can help with telling me the cause and treatment of a dilated kidney that would be great or if anyone has experienced this for themselves thank you in advance.
i should also note that during this scan she said there was an Amnion Shelf or Amnitotic Shelf (where the Amniotic sac has joined itself together or something like that) she didnt really explain it properly

  1. allaboutcats321, 06 May, 2010

    It is often normal for women to have enlarged kidney(s) during this kind of pregnancy. Your kidney is enlarged because there is some delay of the fetal urine trecking on down the ureter to the bladder. If there is adequate fluid around the baby, it is not considered a problem.

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