My father was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma stage 4. Any suggestion where can we get the best treatment?

He had his kidney removed 8 years ago, he had RCC stage 2. He had follow ups that were all clean. Last year he had his prostate removed too. And a month ago, we found the recurency in his column and in his lungs. He is 69 years old.
I am his son, and had my kydney removed last year with a RCC stage 1, I´ve had 2 ct scan since, and all are clean.

  1. kathy, 05 May, 2010

    This is the time to make a tough choice.

    He can spend time seeking treatment, which has side effects and be miserable . It’s obvious that the cancer keeps spreading despite all the treatments he’s already had.


    He can live out the rest of his life with family, loved ones, and friends in peace, doing whatever things he is capable of that he enjoys. He can reminisce, share stories about his parents and grandparents that can be passed down to the next generation.

    My Dad died of bone cancer, which is the most painful of all cancers. He elected to stay at home without TX enjoying his Met games, his western books and his family.

    I was the only one he was able to talk about death with; the other family could not handle the topic.

    Bless you & your Dad whatever decision he makes. You need to respect his decision even if you disagree…It is HIS life.

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