How common is it for a guy to get a kidney stone?

How painful is it? What age do ppl get them? can u get them out through operation?

  1. Sloan R, 04 May, 2010

    The odds for a man are 26,572 to 1. Yes they are painful. The median age is 53 years 4.5 months. Yes they can be surgically removed.

  2. oldtimekid, 04 May, 2010

    I’ve heard that they may be pretty painful if you pass them.

    Ultimately, they are typically formed when someone gets more Calcium than their body can absorb (among other minerals taken in too high of doses), then the Calcium builds up in their kidneys.
    Because of that, people could essentially get them at any age, really… it’s just more likely in people over 20, since most children don’t take supplemental minerals or large amounts of minerals in their diet (like from veggies).

    I think most doctors would prefer to pass them because it’s a lot safer than a risky surgery, plus I don’t think they could guarantee to get all of the stones out during surgery… I imagine it would be like searching through a plate of pasta with sauce for a little chunk of garlic, but that’s my imagination 😉

  3. ra.osiris, 04 May, 2010

    It’s decently common. Don’t drink so much soda. The acid and calcium in them will really do some damage.

  4. Billie77, 04 May, 2010

    it’s very common for men to get kidney stones and they can get them at any age. It’s extremely painful, you would know if you had one. They can be removed by medicines and very rarely do people have to have surgery for this anymore.

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