Complications in diabetes treatment?

"Even with successful treatment, diabetes survivors are at risk of serious complications, such as CV disease, kidney failure, and blindness"

"Truly successful treatment minimizes complications by narrowing the gap between a healthy glucose homeostasis pattern and that derived from therapeutic treatment"
-Matching basal and post-prandial glucose and insulin levels to those of healthy individuals.
-Individuals have different levels of dysfunction.

What’s the second point trying to say?
And what’s it mean by basal and post-pranial glucose/insulin levels?

  1. SouthernGirlinHawaii, 04 May, 2010

    The 2nd to me is saying that Diabetics if they follow the patterns of a healthy Ind. glucose pattern, on what the Non-Diabetics blood glucose levels are before a meal, after a meal, while sleeping, etc. they will have less health problems.

    Basal rate, as it relates to Diabetics is calculated by how much insulin a normal pancreas secretes to keep a persons blood sugars in normal range or in a Diabetics case with the help of an insulin pump; it allows a Diabetic (insulin dependent) to set the appropriate basal rate or amount of insulin to pump every hour to maintain their blood glucose levels to the similar levels of a non-diabetic (ex. 0.65 per hour basal rate)

    Post-prandial not 100% sure but have a strong feeling it means After Eating glucose levels which should be checked two hours after eating to ensure that your basal rate or as I call it fasting (no food) glucose level versus what my blood sugar is after I eat. Which determines if a Diabetic is taking to little or too much insulin over a period of time and if monitored closely a Diabetic can come close to the blood sugar levels of a non-diabetics basal and post prandial glucose levels and in the end have fewer complications.

    Hope this helps a little, even I got a bit confused by this wording and pretty knowledgable about diabeties treatment and slang.

  2. Tim Br, 04 May, 2010

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